Online publication accompanying the exhibition Floor Is Lava

Published: October 2023


Do we talk enough about grief? Do we consider enough the transcience of life and the life-death binary? Who is worth grieving? What is worth preserving? This publication accompanies the group exhibition Floor Is Lava, curated by Denis Kozerawski and Jen Kratochvil. Perhaps we need to think more about death in order to more easily cope with our grief. This publication is ‘grief-companionship’ for all those who need it. This is the last publication in the Critical Thinking Series, which includes nine online publications and one print anthology. Thank you for staying with us in reading this series and for forming a community that reads critically in these uncertain times.

EditorDenisa TomkováContributorsGargi Bhattacharyya, Abou Farman, Denis Kozerawski, Jen Kratochvil, Sophie Lewis, Ruth Novaczek, P. Staff Translation: Denisa Tomková, Michal Tallo; Proofreading: Zuzana Andrejco Ferusová; Graphic design: Michaela Badžgoňová, Lukáš Kollár

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