Bedtime Story / Matej Grznár

If you need me, call me. This is for all those who felt not enough or useless, that they
cannot find their place. For those who are still looking for their security, themselves, for
others that help you survive the emotions, that you might not understand yourself. On that
you should depend and never worry.
For you who might not be able to stand the look on your body that thinks will let everyone
down. For those who are waiting for the right moment or period – and that’s okay.
For me, for you, for others we have in our lives.
In the performance, the author primarily deals with the topic of queer identity, growing up
and memory. He harkens back to his childhood experiences in character of protective
figure that we as queer children lack during growing up. The narrative is conceived from a
personal point of view, but it focuses on the bigger picture, which everyone can relate to

directorMaty Grznárcamera and editDenis KozerawskiVoiceAneta BockováLightingJozef TrnkaShooting AssistantsMargaréta Považanová / Karolína PovažanováPhotograper / AssistantZoltán Baráth

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