Long shadows before dusk, just muffled sounds, whispers, and echoes fading into the landscape

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Vernissage 14. 12. 2023 / 5. p.m.
Duration: December 15 2023 – March 31 2024

Praetorium, Štefan Moyses Square 25, Banská Bystrica

Long shadows before dusk, just muffled sounds, whispers, and echoes fading into the landscape is a solo exhibition by contemporary artist Denis Kozerawski. The show combines both the author’s artistic approaches and his curatorial and organizational practice.
Works featured in the exhibition address artistic and affective research in the time of climate collapse, as well as the complex interconnections of racial capitalism, segregation and violence against both humans and non-human nature. These include, for example, ‘KAMBIUM1492′, a film about the Kokošovská dubina – an Oak Forest in Eastern Slovakia, where the Winter Oak – a specific type of tree – grows, supposedly used to build ships for Columbus’ expedition that launched the colonisation of the Americas. The author’s also presenting a research following his participation in the Realistická utópia Veľký Krtíš (RUVK) project, where he worked as a mystery tenant in a social housing project and tried to help socially marginalized people who the city of Veľký Krtíš wanted to evict. RUVK collective and Andrej Žabkay will also present their artistic interventions at the exhibition. Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme, whose practice deals with the intersections between performativity, political imagination, the body and virtuality, are the international guests of the exhibition.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.
The founder of the Central Slovak Gallery is the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region.

ArtistDenis KozerawskiCuratorZuzana JakalováArtistic collaboratorsKristína Jamrichová / Peter Kašpar / Ondřej Mohyla / Martina Růžičková / Adam Šakový / Matej Vojtuš / Andrej ŽabkayGuest ArtistsBasel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-RahmeGraphic DesignMatej Vojtuš

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