I See Everyone Getting all The Things I Want

I see everyone getting all the things I want

I don’t wanna create a skincare brand, unless it sparks a social change and give you a healthy and beautiful skin and an opportunity to change the world. And I feel this goes beyond the world of skincare… with the triumph of objects over subjects, you may feel there is no identity left inside. But that is only until you use The Ordinary Glycolic acid toning solution. The one and only chemical exfoliant that has a power to replace an old structure with a new one …. Use maximum twice a week – no more than 4 times – it can trigger a degradative effect!
The performance combines techniques of reading group and another activities, inspired by texts of personal diaries and academic texts. It aims is to map commodification of our relationships, throught teories of queer/feminism, or a “New Sincerity”. Through emotional expression, smells, dance, youtube tutorials, karaoke singing and interacting with the audience, melting borders between irony and vulnerability, creates space for collective experience and shared diary.

art directionNikola Balberčáková & Markéta SlanácastTina Enöckl, Scott Hopper, Teuta Jonuzi, Lusa Juklová, Daria Lytvynenko, Marek Lužný, Simon ŠinkadramaturgyAdam SvozilcameraDenis Kozerawski, Kristián BabjárproductionMonika DančovátextsNikola Balberčáková, Markéta Slaná, Jakub Pohlodektextile objectsKristína Čákyová, Renáta PintérovácostumesAlexandra Gnidiaková, Dominika Kozáková, Ivana Mandáčová, Eliss Neumannová, Jan SmejkalhairstyleJelisaveta Rapaić postproductionKristián Babjár

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